Durva Exports

Red Onion

Thanks to our expertise in the industry, we as a Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier, strive to deliver nothing short of excellence to our customers. Red Onion on offer is cultivated in a hygienic environment. Any kind of harmful chemicals or pesticides are not used by during its processing. Its size varied between 25 mm and 80 mm. Due to its flawless quality, it is now being exported to many more countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Phillippines, Greece, Taiwan and China.

Additional Information
India is producing nearly 5,500,000 Metric Tonnes of onion every year and nearly two thirds of the crop is available in Western region and balance from south and east regions. The size of Indian Onion varies in the range of 25 mm – 80 mm.

Earlier onion was exported only to Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and Middle East. Since last two years other countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Phillippines, Taiwan and China in the Far East, European countries like Greece have also started buying onion from India.